Hello there, Rollers 💫

It’s time for a new adventure, folks 🙌 Pack your bags, take your camera 📷 and go on an incredible journey Around the World with your good old friend Hamster 🐹

RollerCoin’s Season 9 is here and promising to be a great run for 76 days (till September 26th 00:00 UTC) with a lot’s unforgettable events, amazing features and most importantly – tons of fun 💥

This time, we are going on a long trip where we’ll visit the most magnificent places of our planet and make mining even more powerful with all the rewards and miners that we will find in the most remote parts of the earth 🌍

So strap on, and let’s go! 🧑‍✈️ ✈️

New Season Pass

Collect these incredible miners from all around the world and make your room a true voyager’s lair 💼

Katsuhito10 Gh/s
Missionaries40000 Gh/s
Country Loading…50500 Gh/s
Inclusion Miner71400 Gh/s
Treasure Hunter94500 Gh/s
Dalaminer116600 Gh/s
Kako Mati149800 Gh/s
Knight Bus181500 Gh/s
JaFan227750 Gh/s
Osmond’s Stamp369600 Gh/s

These miners are significantly more powerful than season pass miners before 🙂 This is an incredible addition to your mining power, not to mention merging, that will make them even more mighty 💪

Event Pass Upgrade

Get your access to all Premium Seasonal Rewards to grab yourself exclusive miners for 99.95 RLT 🤝

Don’t want to complete all the levels? No problem! 😏 You know that you can always get ALL REWARDS instantly by purchasing the Complete Event Pass for just 699.90 RLT

If you didn’t get enough of it, you can always get all the Season Pass rewards three more times! 😎 Each purchase gets cheaper so getting Season Pass for the last time is 549.95 RLT 🤑

Event Pass have 60 levels to complete and a new feature Auto-recharge of Batteries in case of loss of electricity cells 🔋

Quest Rebalance

Note that rewards for entry and quests have been a bit rebalanced 🧐 Now you need a little bit less experience to progress 🙌 The amount of XP required per level is now 300 instead of 350! 👍 

Amount of XP in the Progression Events remains the same. Playing Progression Events are an integral part of getting XP ☝️ So if you are in pursuit of full completion be sure to play Progression Events due to part of your overall XP points you will get from them 🤓

Battery Auto Recharge System

This feature activates, when you purchase an Event Pass (Premium or Complete) and you have at least one battery, you’ll have auto-discharge of batteries and auto-replenishment of electricity ⚡

Note that this feature is optional ☝️ You can always turn it off if you want, BUT enabling/disabling is possible only after purchasing the Event Pass 😉

Auto Recharge won’t be activated if you have 0 batteries 👀

The mechanics of it are pretty simple:

When the 5th cell timer reaches 00:00:00 the battery gets recharged, and the 5th cell timer is reset to 24:00:00 ⚡

Auto-Recharge always activates electricity to the maximum possible level 🔋

  • If you buy an Event Pass with less than 5 cells, then at the time of purchase, the system will recharge the electricity to its maximum. A corresponding notification will also pop up ☝️
  • If there are fewer batteries than lost cells, then it will restore the power from the available ones 🤝
  • If you do not have enough batteries for the auto-recharge, the auto-recharge system turns off by itself until you turn it back on 🔛 You’ll see a notification that Auto-recharge disabled 🔔

Auto-Recharge will work throughout the season. After that, the purchase of a new Event Pass is required 👀

New Items of the Season Store

New content for the Season Store in adding to usual items such Batteries and Parts Cases 🌟 The prices of Miners and Season Case have been significantly reduced 😎

Dream Vacation case750 RST
Paris Pass2500 RST
Indonesia Pass5000 RST
Hawaii Pass10000 RST

Dream Vacation Case

Consists of 10 new miners from the winners of the latest Miners Art Contest: Miami Sunset 🤩 Feel free to take your chance on getting those anytime 👇

Miami Retrowave vibes guaranteed 🌆🫠🌇

So get on board 🧳 🎫 we’re about to take off ✈️ and travel all over the world towards amazing events and lands of rewards 🔥

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Have a nice trip, Rollers 💺🐹