Hello there, Miners! 💙

Our very first Ancient Myths Community Case went on sale and was sold out in less than 12 hours! Amazing! 🤑

All participants did such a great job designing all those miners! We loved them all, and all the Rollers who tried their best to make a good design were rewarded with a good portion of RLT! 💰

Now, even more good news. Below there is a list of lucky and of course talented guys, who got a copy of the miner designed, and 10% from the sale of their miners in Ancient Myths Case!

Isn’t that a good motivation to keep participating in our contests and events? 😉

Golden FleeceLuukk1500 RLT
MahakalaRubee1500 RLT
The MinertaurKeimax1500 RLT
The Black PearlColz1500 RLT
AnubisAlbert Weiss1500 RLT
OuroborosShannon Jackson1500 RLT
MictlanProdluxo1500 RLT
KhepriRubee1500 RLT
CornucopiaRubee1500 RLT
The LeyakDennis Burris1500 RLT

Thanks to everyone once more for your participation, you are awesome! 🥰

We also want to congratulate Rubee with three winning designs 😲 and total reward of 4500 RLT! That’s an amazing result! 🤝

Additional shoutout to Albert Weiss and Luukk for amazing designs and being active members of our Discord community (you can join it here!) 👍

The fun doesn’t end here!

There were so many excellent designs and talented creators among the participants that it would be inexcusable to stop here! 😍

So, we are going to announce a new Miners Art Contest pretty soon! 💫

Hamster’s looking for talent!

We are thrilled to announce that our Contest Creators Program is going to be expanded! 🤩 Soon it will include the Artists category, so stay tuned for more details coming soon! 🔥