Well, Rollers, 2023 is officially donezo!
Let’s throw it back with Hamster and relive the best moments of this year!

Grab something tasty, and let’s dive in! ☕️🐹 

2023 Mining Stats. Incredible Numbers!

Hold on, Rollers, because you’ve had some really impressive mining results this year! 💸 
Here are the achievements in numbers 👇

🔸 7 million DOGE.
🔸 20,1 BTC.
🔸 2,9 million TRX.
🔸 272,000 MATIC.
🔸 334 ETH.
🔸 709 LTC.
🔸 2,070 BNB.
🔸 10,750 SOL.

Just imagine, this year you mined three times more DOGE, Almost twice as much MATIC and nearly five times more SOL! Keep it up 🐹

4 million Rollers Milestone

One more significant milestone was achieved this autumn!
🎖 4,000,000 members in our RollerFamily, who could imagine that?

Just imagine, 1,000,000 new players joined RollerRollerCoin in 2023! You guys are amazing and believe us it’s just the beginning ✊

Our RollerEvents Marathon Has No Stops!

This year has been rich with events like no other, hasn’t it? 😉
The RollerTeam worked hard to bring the players more joy and rewards than ever before!

We competed in thrilling races 🏎 сollected rewards all around the World 🌎 challenged ourselves in a RetroBit marathon 👾 and started a truly magical winter holiday ☃ with amazing Season Passes!

But it’s not all about Season Passes! Here are some incredible stats:

Progression Events: 45 (Unbelievable!)
Crafting Offers: 39
Miner Art Contests: 4

Even More Fantastic Events!

We thought a lot about how to make playing RollerCoin even more amusing and rewarding? And some new types of events were born! 💡

We all enjoied collecting bikes in a Moto Gang Event, chasing yacht-miners and of course, building our own space fleet in the Interstellar Armada! Challenging, but the final reward was worth it, huh? 😉

🔥 Burning Event  —  an absolute favorite of this year, which conquered our hearts!
More than 1,000,000 miners were burned during Spooky Halloween 😱 replaced by some cool rewards of course!

👑 CryptoGroove Event. Play big — win even bigger, that’s how it goes, Rollers!
42 RollerLegends were born during these events, getting their legendary 9,999,000 Gh/s A.M.P.F.Y miner and the 2 luckiest players even got a 1 ETH prize!

RollerCoin’s 5th Anniversary

This year we celebrated our 5th Birthday! 🎁 

To honor this milestone, we organized a grand birthday party!
3 weeks of festive activities and birthday presents for our beloved Rollers 🥰

You draw your pizza masterpieces in Bitcoin Pizza Art Contest, showed your knowledge completing Roller Quizzes and made our RollerFamily even bigger with a Referral Contest!

Will we hold the 6th Birthday Party even better? Will see 😏

New Mini-Game!

Another epic release of this year — a new mini-game Hamster Climber!
In this game you help a pair of hamster-climbers reach the very top of the rock! 🧗‍♂️
A cool addition to the bunch of games, and definitely not the last one 😏

Even More Is Still Ahead!

Today we want to thank and send our virtual hugs to each member of RollerFamily!
We had ups and downs, but none of this would have been possible without your help and support, as we shape this game together 💪

Wishing you a fantastic New Year!

With love, RollerCoin Team ❤️