Hey there, Rollers 👋

🐹 Hamster is here to share the great news that RollerCoin has finally launched RollerCoin Merch, an exclusive merchandise store that allows you to showcase your love for the game while enjoying high-quality products 😉

You may be or may not be a hardcore RollerCoin player but putting on some fine Pixel-Hamster hoodie will definitely get your friends and colleagues asking you “Damn, son where did you find this?” 🤯

So let’s check em out! 👀

The 5th Year Anniversary Collection

As you might have guessed, this collection is dedicated to recent RollerCoin 5th Birthday Anniversary 🎉 

A collection of Posters, T-shirts and Hoodies for real Rollers that have been with us for all these years ☺️ A piece of merchandise that will always remind you of the historical date and the opportunity to carry the celebration spirit with you on a daily basis 🥳
Check out one of the fan favorites 5 Year Anniversary T-shirt Black with Hamsters and balloons paced right on the heart 🥰

Poster series are limited ☝️ and includes the most significant miners and hamsters from past events on RollerCoin ❤️‍🔥

5 Years Anniversary Hoodie White

The Prime Time Collection

This collection is all about the 70’s vibe of RollerCoin Season 7 Prime Time! 🪩 It was a very vibey ☮️ season and it was chosen as a part of the general merch to spread colorful vibes of the 70s 🎨

Get some style in your room with Disco Hamsters on Prime Time Trio Poster or spread the vibe among your loved ones with cool Prime Time T-Shirt 🫠

The RollerCoin Collection

The classics of RollerCoin 🐹 Straight and simple merch with RollerCoin Logo that says it all 😎 In addition to RollerCoin cozy Hoodies ☺️ and eco-friendly 🌱 T-Shirts this collection also have super convenient Bag and Fanny Pack for a true fans so you can carry your favorite Hamster everywhere you go 🥰

This is a total MUST HAVE if you want to Roll with style 😎

Merch Drawing Contest

Now the cool part about RollerCoin Merch is that soon enough YOU 🫵 will be able to come up with your ideas for merch and participate in a Merch Drawing Contest 🤩

You’ll have the opportunity to publish your own version of the image for a T-shirt / Hoodie / Bag / Cup based on RollerCoin 🐹

The winners will be chosen by the RollerCoin team relying on positive reactions of other players 🙌 You will be able to share a link to your arts, inviting users from other servers and social networks to vote for them 🤝

And the awesome part is that the Merch with drawings of the winners will appear in the RollerCoin Shop for sale 🔥

More Coming Soon

This is just a start 😏 There are more merch to come with even more variety and more wear 👕 so you will always find something to your taste and can place your order anytime 😎

All the info and details on delivery is HERE 👈 

Check on more news and updates in our socials so you do not miss anything important 📲

Stay tuned, Rollers! 🐹