Hey there Rollers! 👋🌟

Oh, this year has come to an end. Let’s remember the highlights of 2022 together with the Hamster! Now we declare the nostalgia hour open, so pour something delicious and go! ☕️🐹

That’s right, this year has been incredibly productive and full of great changes and expansions — the Weekly Rewards Update, Daily & Weekly Tasks, the Marketplace, and the new Merging System, as well as a whole bunch of new events and colorful, multi-themed seasons! 🎊 

You showed us your talents, inspired us and received nice rewards 💸 also took part in choosing a new coin to mine and influenced many other decisions in RollerCoin! 🤝🥳

Let’s take a closer look at our achievements this year! 👇

How much did our Rollers mined in 2022? Incredible stats.

Rollers, you’ve had some really impressive results this year 💸 Therefore, here are the achievements in numbers 👇

To begin with, let’s turn our attention to the new coins that you have already managed to mine a whole bunch: 2322 SOL, 950,000 TRX and even 35.34 LTC! 😯

It sounds impressive, but you really managed to achieve 2 million DOGE. Unbelievable! 🙌

We can see no less big numbers in coins like BTC 18.8 and BNB 730. Keep it up!

Just imagine, during this year, our players mined 155,000 MATIC and 305 ETH! 👏

New Coins For Mining and new Season Token

Three more coins joined RollerCoin this year to bring even more rewards to our RollerFamily! 🪙 Solana, Tron, and Litecoin — and you loved all of them!

But something really special marked the last added coin since you, Rollers chose it! 👍 From now on, all the coins will be chosen by our Community, since you are the one who is gonna mine it, aren’t you? 😉

Roller Season Token

Even more opportunities!

In Season 6, we introduced a new in-game coin available for mining — Season Token 💫 This coin is used in the Season Shop for another way to get rewards.

Rollers spend RST on Cases, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to try their luck! 🤔🙌

Weekly Rewards Update — Moar Crypto!   

One more great feature that allowed everyone to grab even more coins — Weekly Rewards Updates

Our old Rollers may remember Double Reward Weeks, but why decided to go even further and increase rewards for three or even four coins instead of one.

We hoped you enjoyed it — and you did! 🤑

Miners Art Contests — So Much Talent!

Could we ever imagine that our community would be so talented? 😱You liked this Contest so much, and your incredible miner designs literally blew our minds! 💥

More than 5 000 submissions were received during 4 Miners Art Contest held this year, and more than 40 miners created by Rollers already produce power on the racks of thousands of players!


This year we presented a new game mechanic — Marketplace! 🛍 A place where you can sell and buy in-game items. This is a great opportunity to keep your mining balanced ☝️😌

So it’s hard to imagine RollerCoin without the Marketplace now, isn’t it? 🧐 Now you can sell what you don’t need and buy useful things instead. And even more, you can find some lots cheaper than in the Store and that’s really cool and profitable! 🙌

After all, this mechanic expanded the possibilities of the game, made mining more accessible and awakened the spirit of an entrepreneur in each of us! 💼🤝

Merge System — Making Unreal Gems Now

We also had a big update on the Сrafting system. You already understand what is meant, right? 👀

One of the most interesting updated mechanics was Merge 🙌 Merge is the process of combining two identical miners using some RLT and same level parts into a higher-level one. 

Therefore, Rollers collected parts, updated miners and traded them on the Marketplace or increased the power in their rooms 💪 Because there are many opportunities for Merging — you start with Common miner level and with great efforts and a lot of parts reach Legendary and even Unreal miner levels! ⚙️✨

In short, this is a great chance to expand your mining empire 👏

RollerCoin 4th Anniversary

This year we celebrated our 4th Birthday! 🎁 RollerCoin is already so mature and experienced, but we continue to develop together with our Rollers every day! 🎊🥳

And in honor of such a holiday, we arranged a grand party — 4 great Сreative Сontests! You invented stories, drew masterpieces, showed us your extraordinary imagination from the bottom of your heart and received cool rewards for it 🐹🤝🏆 Oh, it was really cool!

Thank you once again for this incredible mining journey, it will only get better! 🙌

#StandWithUkraine Charity Sale — #%&@ War!

For the first time ever in RollerCoin history, we have done a Charity Sale to support Ukraine. Our team genuinely believes that nothing can justify war 🚫 and this year we set the goal to help as much people as we possibly can 🤝

Together we donated more than 200000 USDT to the Humanitarian Aid Fund and to the Armed Forces of Ukraine support foundation, which helped thousands of people in need ❤️
We want to say thank you from the RollerCoin team for supporting Ukraine and our first ever Charity Sale! 🕊️

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam slava! 🇺🇦

Even More Fantastic Events and Quests! 

We thought a lot about how to make playing RollerCoin even more amusing and rewarding? And some new types of events were born! 💡

Mid Summer Festival, Golden Hour, The Moon Festival — events in which players collect points for different actions and get wonderful rewards for it. And all of them became extremely popular among our Rollers! 😉

Crafting Offer — one more event allowing players to fill in their Inventories with brand-new miners without actually buying them! Only Parts and a small portion of RLT — isn’t it fantastic? 🤑

Daily & Weekly Quests

You no longer need to wait for a new Season to complete quests and get rewards! A new type of Daily and Weekly Quests stays in the game permanently, allowing players to have fun and get rewards every single day! 👍

The Best Is Yet To Come!

This year was challenging and full of exciting events! 😲 We had ups and downs, but we got through it together!  💪

Today, our team wants to thank every Roller for being with us! We love you and will do our best to make the upcoming year even more exciting for our players.

With love, RollerCoin Team ❤️