Hello to all lovely people in the RollerCoin community 🥰

Taking into account that Bitcoin halving is coming right at us, we would like to quickly go over some basics of it and update you on whether it will affect RollerCoin ☝️ 🤓

Bitcoin halving is an event during which reward to miners, who in turn take care of block production, is cut ✂️ in half, to aid inflation of the currency and make its price more foreseeable. Halving is considered as a positive 👍 because not only does it historically push the price of bitcoin up, but also attracts quite a lot of attention from general media 📡 which greatly helps to deliver the message behind Bitcoin to the masses 🌍 Last but not least, it once again highlights the programmed advantages of cryptocurrency and its benefits over never-ending printing of fiat 💸

Halving at glance:

  • Next halving date: 18th of May 2020 ⏱(expected)
  • Halving frequency: every 210,000 blocks 🧱 (roughly every 4 years)
  • Block reward decrease: 12.5 to 6.25 🥶 
  • Past halvings: 29th of November, 2012 at block height 210,000 and 10th of July, 2016 at block height 420,000 🔪
  • Expected results: BTC price surge due to the cut in supply ⬆️

As for our incredible RollerCoin 🐹 game, we are happy to report that your income from mining bitcoin within the game WILL NOT change ❗️Yes, that’s right, you will continue earning BTC just like you did before, without any halvings, cuts and increased difficulty 🔥

For those of you who are not yet on board 🤷‍♀️ with RollerCoin, it is a Bitcoin mining game that lets you earn REAL Bitcoin, whilst competing with your friends 🏆 All you have to do is to run and expand your mining farm and resolve obstacles that real miners often come across ⛔️ Moreover, our game can serve you as a good demo 🧭 if you are contemplating whether to get into crypto mining, as we worked hard to make our RollerCoin game real as it can possibly be 💎

All the best guys and don’t forget to have fun!

RollerCoin Team❤️