Hello world!

We at RollerCoin decided to start a blog, so that you will have access to our latest changes in-game and existing plans on future improvements!

Our dream is to make RollerCoin the best online mining game, with its own virtual currency, a solid crypto economy, which will be open and 100% REAL.

Currently, we are working on changing the mechanics of mining COMPLETELY.

Keeping in mind that we are a real-world mining simulator, the mining process will be much more than just buying a virtual hardware, but a deep and creative process.

hardware update pic

Soon you will be able to develop your own models of hardware, assembling them from different parts, that will have their properties. When putting together, all these components will add up to a powerful device with custom stats and unique features. You can choose the number, order, and quality of parts as it will influencethe final outcome.

When assembled, you can mine real cryptos on your own or sell it on a public marketplace. Imagine how many opportunities it opens for the community and every individual player. The marketplace will allow you to earn RollerTokens or make your mining stations better. RollerCoin marketplace is expected to have plenty of useful features that will help you grow your empire!

All new features and items will be available for RollerTokens only, which makes RollerToken a real-life prospective investment. Every user with the Investor status will be offered a unique opportunity to learn and access the new features before they are rolled out to the public. With this status, you can start using all the latest tech and mining equipment among the first. Just a quick reminder: Everyone who participates in the crowdsale will get a lifetime Investor status.

hardware scheme pic