Hey, Rollers!
Today we had a technical maintenance related to multicurrency implementation. During our upgrade we faced some unpredictable issues and bugs, so we had to take one of these stressed out night shifts to get RollerCoin rolling and putting everything back on track.

The game was offline for almost five hours but used every single minute to make sure the issue will not come up again. BTC, DOGE, and Ethereum payment systems are now ready for use.
By the way, RollerCoin has never stopped mining while it was under maintenance, so all of your mining profits are safe.

We have received a lot of messages today from our users asking about game status. The feeling you get when so many people love your game and just can’t wait to continue playing is incredible. Thanks everyone for playing RollerCoin and having fun with us!
RollerCoin is online – let’s mine ’em!