How it works


Multi mining

RollerCoin supports mining of multiple cryptocurrencies, such as: BTC, DOGE, Ethereum and more! You can mine each of them individually or everything at once! In the "My Power" section, there is a button "Split Power", where you can change the percentage of your mining power between all the available coins.

Mining process

RLT Mining

The most actual option for mining in RollerCoin is RLT MINING. RollerToken is the in-game currency of RollerCoin, and it allows you to purchase everything you can find in the Store. To mine RLT, switch your mining power to RLT.

Late game

So, here you are, the owner of the whole mining data center with your first cryptos in hand, what are you going to do with it? You can withdraw it to any real crypto wallet or reinvest to buy better mining equipment and go higher in ranks. And don’t forget, only the best are rewarded!

Have fun mining!