Free Ethereum Mining without high-end PC, miners, faucets or even cloud mining😱

No investments No investments no risks of being scammed while trusting your cash to one-day cloud mining services, NO GAMBLING, just FREE ETH while having fun🎮

Sounds too good to be true, huh?🤔

It means that we did everything right!

We wanted to make something totally new, why don't you try it right now?

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Free Ethereum games, what's on the market right now?🔭

Try searching "Free ethereum games" on the internet - the best match you'll find is a crypto casino 😒 Press spin and lose your last blood earned ETH for a tremendously low chance of getting something back. That's what they call gaming. Forget it!

RollerCoin is a simulator of mining, where you play arcade games👾 to generate power and improve your mining center in a lovely pixel art style.

Build your mining empire, compete with friends and grind your way to the top, that's what WE CALL GAMING. LET'S GO🎠

Another type of free eth mining sites - is an eth faucet. This thing is BOOOORING. If you don't believe it, try it on your own, on the internet there are plenty. Long story short - you watch thousands of ads😤 click links and register on websites you'll never use again. Spend hours and hours of your life⏱ doing things you don't like, in return for the smallest piece of free eth you've been promised.

It's time for a change

One of a kind free ethereum game RollerCoin, where you generate real ETH, BTC, BNB, Solana, Matic and DOGE while having fun and building your own data center!

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Free ethereum mining in RollerCoin

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1. Signing up 👤

Choose a name. Create and customise your character. As soon as your character is ready - you can mine your first ETH.

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2. Play free ethereum games 🎮

Classic arcade games in a pixel-art style will keep you entertained! Your mining power increases with every game won. You win games - you get free ethereum.

Improve your mining center

3. Improve your mining center 💠

The better mining equipment you have - the bigger your eth mining will be.


4. Withdraw 🏧

Get free ETH and cashout to any standard ETH wallet. RollerCoin supports all ETH wallets and sends withdrawals daily.

Can't believe that it's real?👽

It's okay, at first we hardly believe this idea too, but then we created RollerCoin. Enjoy free eth mining with fun games and lovely 8-bit style!

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RollerCoin Advantages


Large and friendly community 👥

With more than 200,000 players registered and thousands online daily, you can find many like-minded people and befriend them! Our community grows every day and can be found almost everywhere: Discord, Facebook, Twitter.

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Exciting gameplay and constant improvements 🔑

We always strive to make our game better and to keep RollerCoin players entertained! RollerCoin is a dynamic and well-developed game so that every crypto gamer will find it interesting and challenging to grind.

Multi-Mining 💎

Mine BTC, Doge, ETH, Matic, BNB, SOL, and stay tuned, since new coins will be added! You may withdraw BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB and soon we will have Matic withdrawal. As for deposits - feel free to fill your in-game wallets with BTC, Doge, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD and Matic in the nearest future!

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Referral Program 💸

Besides mining, you can collect crypto by inviting your friends! You will receive 25% of any cryptocurrency they mine and 15% of their in-game purchases!

Referral Program
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Start to mine ethereum online with RollerCoin🐹