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What types of power the Collection Bonus applies for and what is the difference between Gh/s and Th/s? 🤔

Let’s find out together! 👁⤵

What Is Mining Power?

Let’s start from scratch, shouldn’t we? 🧐

Mining Power is the main resource that defines your success and earnings in RollerCoin.

The more mining power you have 📈 the more coins you can mine within the game. It’s like your virtual strength that directly impacts your virtual wealth! 💰

There are two main types of mining power:

📍Player’s Power (My Power): It combines all your power and special bonuses. 
📍Network Power: The sum of all players’ power in the game.

How Is Mining Power Measured?

📏 Mining power is measured using units called hash rates.

By default, mining power is measured in Gh/s.
However, as the power increases, the notation changes:

1000 Gh/s = 1 Th/s
1,000,000 Gh/s = 1000 Th/s = 1 Ph/s
1,000,000,000 Gh/s = 1,000,000 Th/s = 1000 Ph/s = 1 Eh/s

So, if you notice, for example, that Hokusai miner has 95 000 Gh/s on Flash Sales, but 95.000 Th/s on your Collection page – don’t worry!

➡ Gh/s, Th/s, Ph/s, and Eh/s are just varying units of measurement that represent different scales of power. 

Network Power

Network Power — is a global mining pool, where the power of every RollerCoin player is combined.

But why is it so important and how does it affect every player directly? 🧐

Let’s talk about the thing every Roller is playing for — the Block Reward 🙌

Block reward is a number of crypto coins which is shared in a certain period of time between all the players who mine a certain coin.

How many crypto coins will you get from each block? 👀💰
Depends on the amount of your mining power! 💪 The higher your power is the bigger reward you will receive 💥

The formula is ⤵

Your reward = (Your mining power / Power of all players allocated to a certain coin) x Block Reward

Player’s Total Power

What types of power are in the game and where can they be acquired from? 👁⤵

Player’s Total Power — is the total sum of all power sources including all the applicable bonuses and penalties.

📍Raw Power sources:

  • Mini-games 🎮
  • Miners 💪
  • Temporary Power as a reward from Events 📊

📍Bonus Power sources:

  • Collection Bonus 
  • NFT Bonus 
  • Rack Bonus

How is the Total Player’s Power calculated? 🤔
The formula is ⤵

Total Player’s Power = (Games + Miners * ActiveElectricityCells/5) * %(CollectionBonus + NftBonus) + Miners (placed on special racks) * %RackBonus + Temporary Power

And now, let’s talk more about different sources of power 🐹


What can be better than playing games? Getting mining power for that! 👾

📍 Players receive a set amount of mining power for each game they win (the amount of power depends on the game and its difficulty level).

The Power you get from mini-games is temporary. It can last for 24 hours, 3, 5 or 7 days depending on the level of your in-game PC.

💻 PC Level 1 (you have it by default) — maintains your power for 24 hours.
💻 PC Level 2 (awarded after 10 wins within 24 h.)  — maintains your power for 3 days.
💻 PC Level 3  (awarded after 30 wins within 24 h.) — maintains your power for 5 days.
💻 PC Level 4  (awarded after 60 wins within 24 h.)  — maintain your power for 7 days.

❗Please note that this applies only to power from games.


Miners are virtual units that produce stable power according to their power capacity.

The power from every miner you set up on your racks adds up to your Total Player’s power 💪

❗ Please note that miners placed in the Items Panel (Inventory Page) or listed for sale on the Marketplace do not produce power ☝

Temporary Power

You probably got it so many times as a reward from the Event Pass or mini games, didn’t you? 😉

Temporary Power is a special type of power which lasts a certain period of time and then expires (just like the power from games).

The only way to get it — as a reward from the events (Progression Event, Event Pass, mini-games) 🕹

Bonus Power

Bonus Power is an additional mining power you get due to Collection Bonus.

But what is a Collection Bonus? 

Collection Bonus is a specific percentage that gives you a certain amount of Bonus Power. It acts like a special multiplier which increases your mining power from games and miners.

📝 For example:

1⃣ You have 50 000 Gh/s of power from miners and 1 000 Gh/s of power from games.
2⃣ All your miners have a 2.25% Collection Bonus in total.

How much Bonus Power will you get? 🤔
The formula is ⤵

Bonus Power = (Games + Miners) * %(CollectionBonus)

(1 000 Gh/s + 50 000 Gh/s) * 2.25% = 1 147,5 Gh/s.

Which types of power the Collection Bonus applies for?

✅ Power from mini-games
✅ Power from miners
Temporary power

📍 Miners of one type and rarity can give you Collection Bonus only once.

📝 For example:

  • One Scarabey miner gives you +0.25% Collection Bonus
  • Three identical Scarabey miners give you +0.25% Collection Bonus 

📍 Miners with the same name but different rarity levels (like Common, Uncommon, etc.) are seen as separate miners and give you Collection Bonus.

📝 For example:

  • One Scarabey miner gives you +0.25% Collection Bonus
  • One Uncommon Scarabey miner gives you +1.05% Collection Bonus (1.30% in total).

📍 Miners placed in Items Panel (Inventory Page) give Collection Bonus as well (even if they are not placed in the mining room).
📍 Miners that are listed on the Marketplace don’t give you Collection Bonus.

NFT Bonus

Do you remember those cool 8biticon NFT Avatars? 🖼

Minting such NFT avatars in RollerCoin also provides +2% Collection Bonus!

This Bonus is connected to your RC profile, so even if players don’t have any miners this +2% Bonus still applies! 👍

📍 Please note that buying an already minted avatar won’t give you Collection Bonus, you should mint your avatar to get it.
📍 Once you sell your avatar the Collection Bonus will be lost.

Rack Bonus

Rack Bonus is a special multiplier which increases the power from miners placed on a certain Rack by a certain percentage.

📝 For example:

1⃣ You have a Swedish Miracle Rack 8 which can give 6% Rack Bonus.
2⃣ You placed a Hokisai miner (95 000 Gh/s) on it.

How much Rack Bonus will you get? 🧐
The formula is ⤵

Miner power (placed on the rack) * %RackBonus

95 000 * 6% = 5 700 Gh/s

📍 Rack Bonus is counted separately from the Collection Bonus: they simply add up in the end, without any multiplication involved.
📍 Rack Bonus remains unaffected by a Penalty for Electricity Cells loss.
Even if the miner itself is turned off, players will continue getting power from Rack Bonus.


Penalty is a fine that a player gets for Electricity Cells loss. The fine affects only the raw power from miners.

20% of the power produced by the miners in the room is subtracted for every lost cell.

Which types of power Penalty applies for?

✅ Power from miners
❌ Power from games
❌ Temporary power
❌ Power from Rack Bonus

📍The Collection Bonus applies for already reduced power (in case of electricity cells loss).

Knowledge is Power!

We hope this Blog would be helpful for both newbies 👼 and experienced Rollers!
Deep understanding on how the things work will help you plan your moves smarter, develop your own game strategies 👁 and climb on the top faster than ever!

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