Hey there, Rollers! 🤩

With the last large update, we have totally reworked our Crafting system — and we haven’t just changed its name to Merging (although we did that too) 😉

Get your Parts, upgrade your miners, and trade on the Marketplace to grow your mining empire! 🤑

What Is Merge?

Merge is the process of combining two identical miners using some RLT and same level parts into a higher-level one!📈 

All the miners (except the SKAM miner) in the game can be merged up to 5 times. And every new level of upgrade brings you even more mining and bonus power 💪

There are 6 levels of Merging:

Common ← You start here

What Do I Need To Merge?

  • Two miners of the same level;
  • Some Parts of the same level;
  • Some RLT.

But that’s not all! Now you can also merge…


There are 5 levels of Parts:

I Common
II Uncommon
III Rare
IV Epic
V Legendary

To create Parts of a higher level, you need some Parts ⚙️ of a lower level and some RLT💰

How to Merge My Miner?

1️⃣ To start, click the Storage button here:

2️⃣ Choose the Merge tab in the left Menu

Here you can find two Tabs: 

  • Miners 💥
  • Parts ⚙️

3️⃣ Choose the Miners tab

Here you can find all the Merge recipes available in the game! 🔍

Each recipe 📃 contains:

1. The level of miner
2. The Mining and Bonus Power of miner
3. Components that you need for merging
4. The amount of RLT you need for merging

4️⃣ Choose the miner that you want to Merge

In case you have all the components for Merging, the Merge button will be shown at the bottom of the window, so just press it and grab your higher-level miner right now! 😉

If you still need some components to merge your miner, then press the View Components List button to check the details 👇

Missing some Parts for your miner? 

Go to the Marketplace or check our Season Store and open a couple of Cases to get the needed Parts! 👍

5️⃣ Collect all the needed components and press the Merge button

❕Please, make sure that you have enough RLT to perform the merge

Fantastic 🎉 Now you have a new, much more powerful mining machine! Go and check the Item Panels, your miner is waiting to be placed on one of the Racks!

How to Merge Parts?

 1️⃣ Choose the Parts tab

Here you can find all the Parts ⚙️ recipes available in the game.

2️⃣ Find the Part that you need 
3️⃣ Collect all the components and the amount of RLT you need to merge it. 
4️⃣ Press the Merge button

All done! Go to your Inventory page, and check your merged parts and miners!💫

That’s all for today, Rollers, we hope this Blog was useful for you!🥰 Keep your eyes on our socials 👀 and stay tuned for more 🔥