Hey Rollers,

In the previous Q&A Session we answered a few of your questions and received so much more of them, that it will be impossible to cover all questions in a single release.

Nevertheless, we have picked the most popular questions of our players and will try to satisfy your interest in the upcoming changes of the project. Make yourself some tea and lean back because this Q&A episode is pretty extensive.

When are the new games coming out?


We develop a bunch of high-quality games in different genres, which are not ready yet but expected to be released in the next update. Game development is much harder than it seems and we hope that you will give us a piece of your understanding and patience. By combining the input of game developers and players, we can create loads of great things in the future. Until that moment you are welcome to play 10 different games that we currently have. They are fun to play and bring a lot of energy.

– RollerCoin admin

Will the price of miners go down as the price of bitcoin increases?

-Cain Simpson

In the last update, we tried to fix the problem of the miner price instabilities for users, by pegging RLT to USDt. To have a deeper understanding of the update and find out, which group of users have got an advantage from this update, read more here: Shaping the new RollerCoin economy. Stabilizing the price of RLT

– RollerCoin admin

Any plans for exchanging other cryptos to each other? (For example doge to BTC or Ethereum to BTC)? 

– Mills Reid

Long story short – YES! But you still might be interested in the timeline. Well, this is not an easy question. Our priority at the moment is another functionality such as a miner’s upgrade and receiving drops in games. Perhaps, a crypto exchange may appear in the game at the end of the next event, or at the start of the next one, who knows, it might appear earlier as well 😉

– Rollercoin Admin

Is there any way to see my friends who have joined? 

– Gomez Riggs

This feature is not available and we have a few strong reasons not to add it in future. At first, we can’t reveal the personal data of our players for security reasons. Besides that, we do not have any plan to add functionality for players to interact with other users; direct messages, trades etc for example.

The reason is that these features may be used with abusive intentions and players may just receive a lot of spam, that’s why we protect our users by not adding these features.

– RollerCoin admin

Are there any plans for more customizing options and for the ability to own more space in the game which we could rent out? 


We used to run ahead for quite a while in this session, but yeah, in the nearest big update you will be able to change the interior of your room to your liking.

The number of items to decorate your room will be a little at the start, and the functionality will be run as a test. But keep in mind that the way the feature will expand is only up to you: whether you want to place a huge pc on the desk, or to pet a cute kitty.

– Rollercoin Admin

Why does the network power keep increasing while the block reward decreases even though my power hasn’t changed? 

– Carmelo Cannavaro

Hey Carmelo Cannavaro. Your power hasn’t changed, and that’s exactly the thing!

Here at RollerCoin, to stop growing means to start downgrading. Throwing hands is equal to going backwards. Our game is based on competition, so the network power is increasing because of the players that understand the concept and raise their numbers. Keep going. If you don’t want to lose your positions, you gotta grind.

– Rollercoin Admin

When will you boost block reward? Because power is constantly increasing and our rewards are constantly decreasing … When Can we mine other cryptos like LTC/XMR/ETC/BTG/RLT/RVN/XRP etc? 

– Stocifax

We are aware that the amount of users is growing and it affects the block reward for a single player. We resolve it not by a standard option of raising the block reward as we did previously, but by adding more currencies to mine, such as RLT. The latest electricity update significantly supports the total mining pool.

In the nearest future, we will add a new unique cryptocurrency to mining, and later we’ll increase the reward for RLT mining.

Besides that, since the previous increase of the block reward, the prizes of all cryptos in mining has grown exponentially. BTC went 6 times higher, ETH 8 times, and DOGE x35 higher. The block reward increased by the prices of crypto multiple times!

– Rollercoin Admin

Hi Rollercoin. I love your Rollercoin game but i’m thinking about how you make money with the website. you have income from advertising and the sale of virtual miners. you have to pay the players from this income. what happens when no more players buy the virtual miner. then you have no income and can no longer pay the players. unless you have other sources of income, maybe real btc mining farms? I would be happy if you can answer my question so that my conscience is reassured.

thank you so much, you are doing a great job many Greetings

– Alex Knight

Hey Alex Knight. Thank you for the warm words! We recently posted the article that describes the financial model of the project in detail. The key point of our project is that we do not have a conflict of interests, unlike other projects, where the company is not interested in users to earn more.       

In RollerCoin it’s on the contrary, we care for our users to get more rewards!

That’s the reason why we spend so much effort to fight bots, cheaters and users that violate the rules of the game. Inactive players were trimmed off from the network power in the latest electricity update.

All these players are receiving rewards from the pool, which should go to fair and loyal RollerCoin players.

– Rollercoin Admin

That’s all for today! If you have more interesting questions, you can leave them below! Thank you for reading this far and see you in the next session!