Hello there, Roller Community ✌️

It is so good to see that our RollerFamily is growing every second of every day 😊 all united by a common interest in mining and cryptocurrency. But does everyone really know about how mining on RollerCoin works? 🤔 To be absolutely sure Hamster figured that it wouldn’t be redundant to spill a little light on this topic.

So today we are going to talk about one of the most important basics of RollerCoin – the Mining Process. Let’s take a little dive 👀

How the Real Mining Works

Let’s take Bitcoin for an example… Simply because it’s easier to explain with Bitcoin 😁

As you know, Bitcoin runs on blockchain, a digital ledger that records transactions across a network. As you can see it’s not about digging in mines after all 😁 

Bitcoin mining is a process where computers, servers and rigs work together 🤝 to approve transactions and maintain the blockchain. Of course, these computers have expenses like electricity and upkeep, that is why they’re rewarded with Bitcoin for their efforts 💫

⚡ The more powerful your computer, the better chance you have of earning big rewards. So, if you’re into mining, having a strong rig is key! ⚡

We suppose that most of you already know all this, right? 😎… Right? 🥺

It could take multiple blogs to describe the mining process in detail but the basics of it is pretty much covered. And that’s taking us to the next question 👇

How Do You Mine Crypto in RollerCoin?

As a mining simulator game, RollerCoin has its own global mining pool, where the power of every RollerCoin player is combined. The core idea of the game is distribution of block reward between players depending on their mining power — just like with real crypto mining.

As an Online Mining Simulator RollerCoin takes the concept of real mining described above, but instead of connecting to nodes and using real computing power, you get a mining power that comes from:

👉  Playing Games: this power is temporary. It holds for 24h only. When you win the better in-game PC, your power holds for longer – 3, 5 and 7 days.

👉 Virtual Miners: this power is permanent, it’s a combination of all miners in your room. Stable number.

🧐 According to your mining power in the game, we spread our own crypto between all RollerCoin players. The formula is:

Your rewards = (Your mining power / Power of all players) x Block Reward

When a block reward is allocated all active players get a chunk of it. How big your cut is, depends on your mining power 🦾 However, having the same amount of power doesn’t guarantee you the same amount of expected block rewards ☝️ While more people join RollerCoin, play games and purchase miners — more people compete for each new block reward 🙌

To maximize your power, it’s important to upgrade your mining equipment by crafting 🛠️ Upgrading your miners means increasing your mining power, which allows you to mine more crypto.

“Oh I get it! That seems pretty reasonable and understandable now but… where do you get your own crypto?” 🤨 That’s a good question, Roller 🐹
RollerCoin gets it by ADVERTISING, IN-GAME PURCHASES, SPONSORSHIPS. These funds go to MINING of our players, salaries, and further development of the game 🤝

In Conclusion

So you can see that RollerCoin mining is a fun and unique way to mine a little crypto without the need for specialized hardware or technical knowledge 🙃  Whether you’re a casual gamer or a curious beginner, it is an entertaining way to explore the world of cryptocurrency mining.

All you need is to have fun 😉 Just play games, equip your room with some awesome upgraded miners and soon enough you won’t even notice how strong your mining got 😎

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