Hello Rollers!

We open a new chapter for our game and community – you now have an opportunity to ask your question directly to the RollerCoin team and get answered in open space for everyone! The first 4 questions in this post were taken from our socials, let’s go!

🔹 What are the development plans of RollerCoin?
Good question! The nearest future of RollerCoin is really exciting!
We have just finished designing the new system of updates and events. Really soon RollerCoin will have a SEASON system, which is all about big updates, thematic events and specials! More details about seasons in RollerCoin will be released in the next blog!

🔹 When can I sell miners?
Miners will be sellable on the global open marketplace, where all players will be able to trade their miners for the market price or set a specific price.
Marketplace will be released after the nearest massive update which will have a tremendous impact on the game and allow the new sources for crypto earning.

🔹 Do you plan something special for referrals?
Yes, we do! We will start a monthly referral contest with nasty rewards this February, stay tuned!

🔹 BTC price is growing, and miners become more and more pricey. Do you plan to peg RLT to USD?
We are still thinking about the most optimal solution to the volatility and instability of the crypto market. Pegging to fiat is an option, but we are still in doubt a bit. We will look at the community’s feedback.

That’s all for today! Thanks for your questions and for your time reading this! We will continue answering your questions regularly, so you are welcomed to ask your question by the button below!