Hey there, RollerFamily🤗

RollerTap is now LIVE and we couldn’t be more pleased with all the positive reception!🥳

As recently announced, our first milestone is to get the player count to 1 million! Upon reaching it, we will implement the coin you earn (RCC) in RollerTap into the RollerCoin for you to purchase items with!🔥

We believe we can do it sooner by working together. Of course with additional rewards for you along the way.

How so? Referral race!💥

The Rules Are Really Simple

🫂Invite as many friends as you can

📈Have the most referred friends by July 12th

📨Receive the email with the instructions on how to get your prize

Please note that only new referrals who reach at least 2nd level of the miner will be counted.

Here Are The Prizes

PlaceReward in RСC
1st100 000 000
2nd50 000 000
3rd-4th20 000 000
5th10 000 000

Cheaters Shall Not Pass!

As you know, we always stand for honest competition 🤝 so if any signs of cheating 🤥 are noticed on a contestant’s account, this account will not be counted and will probably even be banned 💥

How To Get Even More Referrals And Rewards?

Here’s another exciting way to share the game and showcase your personal achievements 😉👇

💥 Make a post with your starting page (where you tap the miner) and share it with your followers via socials!

😉Give them clear instructions to reach at least level 2 of the miner!

📸Take a screenshot of it and share it via any of your socials adding your referral link

To Success!

Be sure to subscribe to our pages and stay active! Let’s spread the word, RollerFamily members 🙌😉