Hey Rollers👋🐹

Thank you for your interest in the game and all the newest updates!

RollerCoin universe is greatly expanding, alongside the changes in the real crypto world. To keep our simulator viable and even more realistic, RollerCoin economics is getting updated! Be sure to review how your mining power is split in the game and make some changes after reading it!

📊Block Difficulty

Just like in real-world mining, the mining tasks are getting harder. RollerCoin is not an exception! Below are the new timers of the block mining time:

Average time per block: 

BTC: 5 min → 10 min

ETH: 5 min → 10 min

DOGE: 15 min → 10 min

RLT: 5 min → 10 min

We are getting closer to a standard real-world 10 minutes delay, the same as the BTC block in the blockchain! It allows the mining algorithms in RollerCoin to adjust the calculations according to the mining power of the whole pool.

⚖️Consensus Block Balancing

We set a Block Reward almost a year ago, and this year has brought a lot of changes to the market. The previous block reward was chaotically unbalanced, so we rebalance the whole block according to the actual market situation.

New Block Reward:

BTC: 0.00009 → 0,00030

ETH: 0.0017 → 0,0050

DOGE: 240 → 20

RLT: 5 → 30

Since the last block reward settings, BTC went up by 600%, ETH made 1030% growth and DOGE went up by 22400%!
The reward amount is based on our in-house AI predictions, the rewards are unbelievably far more than it was a year ago.

📲DOGE Withdrawals

The next significant change to the economics of RollerCoin is the minimal DOGE Withdrawal. Starting with 360 in early 2020, it’s too high for early game players to reach it. That’s why we lower the minimal amount of DOGE withdrawals.

Minimal DOGE Withdrawal: 

360 Doge → 150 Doge

💎RLT Deposits

After the complete switch of the RollerCoin market to RLT purchases, some of our users have faced the need of buying less than 10 RLT to purchase miners and equipment. In this update, we lower the minimal RLT purchase with any crypto.

Minimal RLT purchase amount: 

10 RLT → 1 RLT

🎮Playing games full-time and Game’s Mining Power

We receive a bunch of messages and comments daily, such as “I play RollerCoin 25 hours a day and…”

Dear Rollers, it’s not what we meant by: “play games, have fun and get rewarded with crypto”. RollerCoin is meant to bring you emotions, not to hire on a full-time job playing our games.
Stop taking the game so seriously!

RollerCoin is not a job! If you have 10 free hours of your time to play browser games – you rather not! You better spend that time studying, finding a real job or at least sightseeing with a cup of tasteful coffee to die for!

RollerCoin is not a job, and we do not want it to be this way! Stop spending your whole life playing games. It should be reasonably moderate!

Considering this unhealthy tendency and the newly implemented mining AI, we change the rate of power generated by playing games:

Power generated by playing games:

Reduced by 30%

Besides that, this change will give more power to players miners, and significantly reduce the influence of fraud players.


At the same time, we are totally up to the next update. RollerCoin will be celebrating 3 years this week!

So… Be ready for the next event dedicated to our sweet little birthday!

Please note that your power can be allocated to any crypto from the list. In order to split your power, click the button below, open the MY POWER section in the game and click on SPLIT POWER. Then you can allocate your mining power between 4 available options within 100% range.