Hey Rollers!👋

We’ve got news to share with you all – some updates and tweaks are on their way to make your RollerCoin experience even more awesome! 🚀 

Let’s dive right into what’s new👇


  1. Tweaking the Merge – keeping It balanced ⚖️
  2. Room Pricing Shake-Up 🏠
  3. Minimum TRON Withdrawal Is Lower! 💰

Merge System Tweaks 🛠

We’ve made some tweaks to the merge system, focusing on maintaining the balance and value of recipes. Here’s what you need to know 👇

💰Merge Cost: No changes here! We’ve kept the balance of recipes just as they were, ensuring that your strategy in parts doesn’t need to adjust.

🔩Parts Unification: For both merging and crafting you only need one type of part instead of three.
This makes it much more convenient, as there’s no need to remember the quantities of different types – just one type is required!

Room Pricing Changes 🏠

We’re gearing up for the introduction of new inventory and balance updates by adjusting the prices for purchasing new rooms. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Room 2: Stays the same at 20
  • Room 3: Price changes to 50
  • Room 4: Big update here, price going up to 120

These updates alongside the refreshed item panel are designed to enhance your gameplay and provide more value to your adventures!

Lower Minimum TRON Withdrawal 📉

And for those of you keen on TRON, we’ve got good news! We’ve reduced the minimum withdrawal amount for TRON to 600. This change makes it easier for you to enjoy the fruits of your mining capabilities!

And don’t forget that it’s not a finish line – it will be reduced even more in the coming months 🙌

That’s all for today!

We’re all about making RollerCoin not just more fun but also more rewarding and user-friendly 🌈

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy mining!🔥