Good evening, fellow Rollers!

Today is February 25, and the Bitcoin price is a rough $50,000.

If you are tracking the talks around the BTC price in the nearest future, you might have heard those analytics predicting a skyrocket of BTC up to $100k this year already.

What will happen to ETH, DOGE, and other cryptos is an amusing mystery too🤪

As promised earlier, today is the day when we peg RLT to USDt, setting the fixed price of RLT = 1 USDt.

Before the update, the RLT price was 2000 Satoshis, making it cost $1,008.

Here comes the list of reasons, why this decision is beneficial to everyone:

👉 Early bird players, that purchased RLT and equipment when BTC was lower, now having a huge advantage. Just like in the real world!

👉 The owners of miners will have a chance to sell them on the open market in better conditions. The open market feature is coming soon, it takes too long to design it. Still, we want to finish it as soon as we can!

👉 RLT will not get more pricey when the BTC price skyrockets again.

👉 Prices for new miners will have a fixed rate and will be set in accordance with the new RLT standard.

This step creates a vast difference to the RollerCoin economy, making it stable, reliable, and independent of all cryptocurrency’s constant growth!

Starting today, RollerCoin Universe holds solid ground in the crypto world, especially in the crypto gaming niche!

We continue to bring the revolutionary vision to the whole world, that playing games can fill your wallets and provide education of the new crypto financial system!