Hey there, Miners! 🐹

Thank you so much for your wonderful arts! Your imagination is truly wide and saturated 🤩

Magic Beasts 🦄 you created for us are both scary and beautiful. It was really hard to choose the winners, but we finally did it! 

Please welcome the best of the best! 👏 And again — thank you, you are amazing artists!

Without Further Interruption, Meet Our Winners! 🏆

Dragon WingAsmita
貔貅 (Pixiu)AisinGioro
Fiery BreathMasterpan97
Elven MagicAsmita
Cappadocia GenieLedraf
Blaze DragonAsmita
Rainbow FairyRavell
Hasher’s EggManubrio
Unicorn DancerDean Walter
Fairy DancerDean Walter

Congratulations to the winners! 🎉 Their miners will be included in the new Community Case and future Season Events 💫

And, of course, our winners not only get the fame and glory, but a sweet prize! 🎁

A copy of the miner designed by the winner, and up to 10% from sales of the miner in RLT! 🤑

There Are Even More Excellent Designs!

There are still so many good designs that didn’t take the winner’s place but are still worth to be seen and awarded! So, meet the winners of another category 👇 

Honorable mentions

Phoenix IncubatorArkantoz
Gnomus PalsTusueldomovil
Runa UturuncuCripto Locura Sensual
The QuetzalcoatlLexieCrz
Miner-eating BeastmAD4REAL
KoboldSteven quesada

All the winners of this category will receive 100 RLT awards for their awesome work 😍 Congratulations, guys! 🎊

Exclusive Category — The RollerCoin Team Choice!

There was one miner which captured our minds and hearts 🤩 We could not leave its creator without a reward, since this is a true piece of art, and we believe that it deserves its place on our Pedestal of Glory! 💯

Our sincere applause! 🥳

What’s Next?

Stay tuned and participate in further events! 🤓

Making a selection was tough, and there are still so many good designs — just one more proof of how talented and creative are all the members of #RollerFamily ❤️

Thanks again to all the participants, and stay tuned for even more contests and events coming very soon 🔥