Hey, Champions! Ready to dominate the crypto field like a pro? ⚽️ Well, you need a team for that and we got you covered 🔥

📣 The stadium erupts with cheers, setting the stage for an unforgettable season where dreams can become reality! Let’s dive into our spectacular Football Championship where your name will echo in history! 🌟

Check The Game Plan

⚽️ Gather your team of eleven elite miners by conquering challenging matches from June 13th till June 25th!

🏆 Aim for glory in the grand finale and secure your victory with Ballon Rollerd’Or: 16 000 000 Gh/s with a 5% Bonus Power boost! 

🛠 Merge it into an even more powerful beast!

❗️The decisive🏅 championship craft will occur from June 25 to June 27. Don’t forget you will need to start crafting manually!

☝️ After crafting is done you will get the final Ballon Rollerd’Or miner. All 9 miner instruments will be used during crafting and gone from the room!

Matches Not to Miss

Prepare for the ultimate Football Championship experience:

🏅2 Sales – limited seats to witness history in the making!
🛠3 Crafts
📊2 Progression Events
🧠1 Puzzle – outsmart your opponents in a field showdown and grab many rewards! 
🔥1 Burning – first time ever for you to burn your way up to the top!

Mark your calendars – all events kick off at 3 PM UTC ⏰

MinerName PowerEventDate of Event
Crypto Hambappe 1 404 000 Gh/s European League13 June – 17 June
Roller Referee216 000 Gh/sReferee Crafting Offer13 June – 17 June
Shibumessi 270 000 Gh/s Shibumessi Landing Sale 16 June – 19 June
Doge Cryptodona 648 000 Gh/sStadium Vibes Puzzle Event 17 June – 21 June
Cryptiano 297 000 Gh/s GOAL!!! Burning Event 17 June – 25 June
Dude Bitlingham 243 000 Gh/s Football League Craft 17 June – 21 June
CryptoLegend 1 512 000 Gh/s CryptoLegend Landing Sale 20 June – 23 June
Pepele1 296 000 Gh/s Copa America Progression Event 21 June – 25 June
Earning Haamland 702 000 Gh/s Football League Craft II 21 June – 25 June

Don’t Miss Your Shot!

Throughout the championship, we’ll be hosting community events with exclusive rewards up for grabs. Stay frosty and ready to act! 😉

👉 Remember: the battle for glory begins on June 13th. Keep an eye on our updates to not miss a beat in your journey to become a football legend!