Hey miners!

We appreciate your activity during the presale stage and would like to give you some sweet prizes for it! Today we start with the rewards for the bounty creative contest.
As stated in the Bounty Program rules, we had 3 categories – Reddit, Youtube, and Bitcoin talk contests, so here come the results with explanations:

Our requirement was to have at least 10 upvotes or comments, which was not met by any of the Reddit contesters. We decided to compliment the participants anyways.

POST Cain Koch receives 1000 RLT SPECIAL prize (Even though this entry didn’t meet any of the requirements, the player provided a wide and detailed review of our game and had 44 referral registrations!)
POST by ricardo lopez didn’t meet the requirements and didn’t get any referrals, but was active on Reddit so he receives 400 RLT for participation!
POST WesleyKryer – didn’t meet the requirements and didn’t get any referrals, but receives 300 RLT for participation!

This one was on fire! It was such a hard task to decide which videos should get the prizes! More than 60 approved videos and only 5 winners. The main requirement – 1000 views on a video, it made our job a bit easier 😉 The Grand Prix is in this category too.

VIDEO Rice Moody takes the first place with his detailed review by Smartphone Cryptocurrency Miner Guy and receives 2000 RLT!

VIDEO Pack Money secures the place with a professional approach and receives 1000 RLT! The video and sound quality is on spot, the content is in Russian.

VIDEO The third place goes to KIKAPUU, who made a video in Thai with 3700 views on it!

VIDEO The fourth place goes to Franco Worksman, who uploaded a live stream of RollerCoin’s gameplay in Spanish!

VIDEO TheKill007 takes fifth place. The video was made by a youtube crypto enthusiast and brings it’s owner 500 RLT! Thanks for the video!

Special bonus:
VIDEO didn’t meet the required 1000 views, but we enjoyed this muted mobile video review and rewarded glennaspiras with 400 RLT!

Well, this one is complicated. Not a single entry has fit our requirement of 1000 views, but we decided to give some prizes to our contesters, based on their referral impact.

POST PedroE29 receives 700 RLT for participation, since he has 294 referrals at the moment
POST uzziadv receives 600 RLT for participation with 164 RollerCoin referrals, payment proof was provided in the post which is a plus too.

– Khel and Untoad wrote posts on other forums besides bitcointalk.org so they receive 400 RLT for participation in this event.

The Grand Prix – KIKAPUU’s VIDEO, on which he gathered 1209 referrals! That’s huge and we add 1500 RLT to his 500 RLT reward. Well Played!

Many thanks to all Rollers which were actively helping in the bounty program! Our next step is giving out all the bonuses from the presale and Hall Of Fame special rewards. Stay tuned, miners!